My Natural and Affordable Laundry Routine

My Natural and Affordable Laundry Routine

Laundry is just one of those necessary evils. I don’t hate doing laundry, but somehow it seems to get shoved to the back burner and then I’m scrambling for some clean undies! …TMI… [My natural and affordable laundry routine is always open for change, but this is how I’ve been washing my clothes for the past two years.] 

Don’t get me wrong: I have every appreciation for modern machines that have made my laundry chore soooo much easier!

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10 Fun and Affordable Kids Activities for Winter Time

10 Affordable Winter Kids' Activities

Here in Wisconsin it is still the dead of winter. Without an accessible list of fun, affordable winter activities in front of me, I tend to forget how to enjoy winter. 

Nothing is truer than the saying, “As the days lengthen so the cold strengthens.” In spite of the frigid cold I am grateful for the warming sun that makes an appearance most days. And I just gotta say I love that it stays daylight through the supper hour now!  

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Easy Indoor Hosting Ideas for Any Budget

Easy Indoor Hosting Ideas for Any Budget

Hosting friends or family during these long winter months is a great way to lift your spirits and stay connected.

But before you start making excuses for how much work that sounds like, hear me out. 

You don’t have to have the Pinterest perfect house or decorations or food or anything. You don’t have to have a spotless house. You don’t even have to cook if you don’t want to! 

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Christmas Gifting Outside the Box

Ditch the clutter and electronics of Christmas Gifts and give the gift of experiences this Christmas.

If you are reading this post, you have access to the internet. You have access to some sort of computer device. You can read. So you probably live in a developed country. 

Being so materially blessed is wonderful. 

But it does make Christmas shopping challenging. 

How do you give meaningful gifts? Gifts that won’t add clutter to the recipient’s life? Gifts that won’t be forgotten and wasted? 

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Who is Your “Doctor?”

Who is Your Doctor? Finding a doctor who you trust and who respects you.

Well that’s a dumb question! Your doctor is your doctor, of course! What if doctor is teacher, though…?

What if I told you that the word “doctor” comes from the Latin word meaning “teacher?”

Now, how would you answer the question, “Who is your doctor?” Now that you know doctor is teacher…

I only recently learned of this meaning myself. So in my mind I journeyed back through all my doctor visits. On most occasions I left the doctor’s office with a feeling of helplessness and no answers to the simple questions I had. Once, when I was 16 and celibate, I was berated for my choice of no birth control. Another time I saw a doctor about horrendous PMS. I was offered the Pill. That’s it. No education on hormones, imbalances, or endometriosis.

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