6 Forgotten Garden Vegetables You Should Grow


I always took for granted the broad variety of garden vegetables Mom grew. With over an acre to fill we had multiple varieties of green beans, lettuce, tomatoes, you name it. We grew the usual fare, but once in a while we would plant a new vegetable just for fun. Actually, the year we planted arugula was not so fun for me as it made me gag every time I had to pick some for a customer.  

Then when I was in college, my friend asked me if I knew what red beets are. As I was

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How to Plan Your Garden: Garden Planning 101

Yes, plan your garden. Here are a few tips for garden planning that will help you avoid missing out on the perfect vegetable varieties.

Birds chirp to each other on the breeze. The sun warms you from high overhead. It’s time to start garden planning. The smell of freshly turned earth reaches your nose. Trees are camoflouged with new green foliage. Robins pull innocent worms out of the ground for lunch. Daffodils are popping up alongside the shed. Soft, moist soil cushions your feet. Spring is here at last!

Oh, how I wish! 

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